Publication of “Blueprint for Activism” and “Environmental Policy Recommendations”

The Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation with the financial support of Counterpart and USAID launched this program to identify specific mechanisms and ensure that current environmental activism is being translated into real institutional change in Armenia. The HMF organized a series of round tables where activists and policy makers came together to discuss concerns and shortcomings in legislation and other institutional mechanisms. The objective of the research was to identify problems of policy, legislation and implementation and make corresponding recommendations based on input from environmental experts, activists, researchers, NGOs, policy makers and government officials. After two successful round tables, HMF experts prepared two separate papers. The first was a “Blueprint for Activism” developed for future activists to ensure their goals are met effectively, based on the experience of the environmental activists involved in the discussions as well as input from NGOs and experts in the field and the second in the form of a policy paper was “Environmental Policy Recommendations,” which underscored the changes needed to legislation and government practices to ensure citizen and independent expert input is taken into consideration before decisions impacting the environment are made. The papers were presented at a third and final round table in Yerevan on January 29, 2013.


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Blueprint for Activism

Environmental Policy Recommendations