Hrayr Maroukhian
Hrayr Maroukhian, born in 1928, was a prominent member and long-time leader of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D). From a young age, he became a member of the ARF-D youth organization in Tehran, Iran and later joined the party. He was one of the founders and, later, president of the Ararat Sports and Cultural Union of Tehran. His gift for organizational matters and his adherence to his ideological principles were evident from the beginning of his foray into Armenian national and social activities. These attributes contributed to Hrayr Maroukhian’s ascent to leadership roles in Armenian political life. He was ARF-D Bureau chairman from 1972 to 1994. Hrayr Maroukhian
passed away in 1998. During his chairmanship, the ARF-D rejoined the Socialist International.

The Foundation

Maroukhian Foundation logoThe Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation was created in 2009 in the Republic of Armenia by the Supreme Council of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun. It is a non-profit Armenian political foundation committed to the development and advancement of public policy issues; it espouses the basic values of social democracy through education, training, research, as well as regional and international cooperation.

The aims of the foundation are to contribute to and actively promote a comprehensive national, regional and international dialogue focusing on current political, economic and social developments and challenges, with a primary concentration on Armenia and the South Caucasus.

The foundation will not only serve as a depository of information, but will conduct studies and develop policies to assist the citizens of the Republic of Armenia in responding to the ever-changing political and social landscape both regionally and globally. The foundation will also serve as a center that will study the specific issues faced by newly independent states including democratization, labor rights, the absence of social justice, freedom of speech, foreign and security policies, current political and international events and developments as they pertain to the South Caucasus.

Policy Shop

Shaping regional, foreign, public, and security policy through active cooperation with local NGOs, conducting workshops, public forums and focus groups with wide demographic participation and work in conjunction with regional partners to help develop policies that will promote social democracy in the South Caucasus.

Human Investment Element

One of the primary objectives of the foundation will be investing in people. Programs designed specifically for the youth will include a Future Leaders program where young people from across the country will participate. Empowering women will be another area of focus for the foundation. Mentoring programs, internships, trainings and workshops will be designed to encourage women to become more politically active. The foundation will also focus on workers’ rights through active cooperation with trade unions and civil society groups.

Online Multilingual Magazine

A multilingual (Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Russian and English) magazine geared toward the citizens of the South Caucasus states that will have as its focal point questions related to foreign policy, regional cooperation and conflict management to promote and foster social democratic values.

The Road to Social Democracy

National, regional and international conferences, seminars, workshops and discussion forums to foster dialogue and understanding of social democracy. The foundation will cooperate and partner with other political foundations pursuing similar goals in the region and globally.

The Confluence of Civilizations

The South Caucasus is located on the crossroads of the East and the West. The Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation, with its wide ranging activities, will help to bridge the cultural, political and social differences that have emerged; in doing so, the foundation will be able to elevate the region’s potential by bringing it closer to and more in line with European values and standards.


Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation
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